woman squeezing pimple on her face

Your 8 Biggest Acne Myths Busted

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We’ve all heard the folksy wisdom about acne prevention and treatment — like the myth that toothpaste or Listerine can dry up a zit. We put that statement and others to the test.

woman with bandage on her face

Skin Tags and Cysts: When You Should Worry

Tags: cysts, dermatologist, dermatology, skin care, skin tags, warts

Skin tags and cysts are common and usually harmless, but they may require treatment if they are painful or bleeding. They also can be mistaken for other conditions. Know when it’s time to see a doctor.

woman wearing shapewear and measuring her hip size

Use Common Sense When Wearing Body Slimmers

Tags: acid reflux, clothing, skin allergies, skin care

Modern-day shapewear won't permanently narrow your ribcage or relocate your organs. When worn with some common sense, these little miracle workers are perfectly safe.

pregnant woman putting lotion on her belly

Stretch Marks: Hold the Cocoa Butter

Tags: lotions, pregnancy, skin care, stretch marks

Although stretch marks can’t be prevented, there are many treatments available to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and most fade over time.

Fatigued woman

7 Signs Your Diet Stinks

Tags: dental health, diet, digestive health, healthy diet, immune system, skin care

To find signs of a poor diet, look beyond your waistline. From brain drain to bad hair, many problems have roots in poor nutrition.


6 Ways Winter Affects Your Health

Tags: dry eye, seasonal affective disorder, skin care, weight loss, winter

Winter does more than just raise your heating bill and chill your bones. It can have an effect on both your physical and mental health.

snow on a woman's face

Frostbite Can Happen in Minutes (Video)

Tags: child safety, frostbite, skin care, tips for winter weather

When does a nip turn into a bite? If you spend extended periods out in the cold, you need to watch for frostbite. Learn how you can stop frostbite before it bites you.

Health remedies from long ago: Do they work or are they just myths? Cleveland Clinic Infographic

Grandma Was A Health Hacker (Infographic)

Tags: acne, bee stings, bronchitis, colds, constipation, cough, eye, female patterned hair loss, hair loss, infographic, male patterned hair loss, skin care, teeth

Not all of Grandma’s old-time remedies stand up to close scientific scrutiny. In fact, some are downright silly. Let’s have a look at Grandma’s medicine chest and see what works and what doesn’t.


Weird Wart Home Remedies—and What Works

Tags: cryotherapy, dermatology, home remedies, skin care, warts

Duct tape and sandpaper can cure warts on their own or when combined with over-the-counter salicylic acid. However, if at-home treatment doesn’t work after a few months, see your doctor.

Tattoo removal

9 Tips for Tattoo Removal

Tags: Be Well e-News, dermatology, skin care

If your tattoo no longer reflects the real you, how easy is it to get rid of it? Get expert advice on cleaning up your body art.