Applying sunscreen

5 Places You’re Probably Forgetting to Put Sunscreen

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We all know that we should put on sunscreen every time we are out in the summer sun. But there are some important parts of the body we often miss.


Do You Know What’s Growing on Your Loofah?

Tags: dermatologist, dermatology, skin care, skin infection

What could be living in your loofah? If you don’t regularly dry, clean and replace your loofah, bacteria will take over -- and cause infections if given the opportunity.

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Lupus, Sun and Vacation: 4 Tips to Prevent Flares (Video)

Tags: lupus, skin care, skin infection, summer, summer safety, systemic lupus erythematosus, video

For lupus patients, vacations can also mean sun exposure, which in turn can cause rashes, arthritis flares or even serious inflammation of organs. Here's how to have fun in the sun.

woman with swollen fingers trying to put on necklace

4 Questions You May Have About Scleroderma

Tags: interstitial lung disease, lung disorders, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, scleroderma, skin, skin care

Scleroderma is a rare disease of the autoimmune system that many people haven’t heard of. Yet recognizing the symptoms can help you get treatment faster – and provide the best chance for a successful outcome.

woman with red face

Lupus and Your Skin: How to Avoid Summer Flare-Ups (Video)

Tags: lupus, skin care, video, videos

If you have lupus, you know it's especially important to protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays. Watch a doctor present tips about the precautions to take in spring and summer.

woman squeezing pimple on her face

Your 8 Biggest Acne Myths Busted

Tags: acne, dermatitis, dermatologist, dermatology, skin allergies, skin care, skin infection

We’ve all heard the folksy wisdom about acne prevention and treatment — like the myth that toothpaste or Listerine can dry up a zit. We put that statement and others to the test.

woman with bandage on her face

Skin Tags and Cysts: When You Should Worry

Tags: cysts, dermatologist, dermatology, skin care, skin tags, warts

Skin tags and cysts are common and usually harmless, but they may require treatment if they are painful or bleeding. They also can be mistaken for other conditions. Know when it’s time to see a doctor.

woman wearing shapewear and measuring her hip size

Use Common Sense When Wearing Body Slimmers

Tags: acid reflux, clothing, skin allergies, skin care

Modern-day shapewear won't permanently narrow your ribcage or relocate your organs. When worn with some common sense, these little miracle workers are perfectly safe.

pregnant woman putting lotion on her belly

Stretch Marks: Hold the Cocoa Butter

Tags: lotions, pregnancy, skin care, stretch marks

Although stretch marks can’t be prevented, there are many treatments available to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and most fade over time.

Fatigued woman

7 Signs Your Diet Stinks

Tags: dental health, diet, digestive health, healthy diet, immune system, skin care

To find signs of a poor diet, look beyond your waistline. From brain drain to bad hair, many problems have roots in poor nutrition.