New Research: E-Cigs Safer Alternative to Regular Cigarettes

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The popularity of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) has outpaced available scientific data. Now, a new analysis supports e-cigs as a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes.

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6 Reasons Why Your Blood Pressure Meds Aren’t Working

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When high blood pressure fails to respond to three medications, it takes some sleuthing to find other approaches. Doctors dig deeper to find causes behind resistant hypertension.

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Electronic Cigarettes: Weighing in on a Popular Trend

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Electronic cigarette (e-cig) manufacturers claim that they are a safer alternative to cigarettes. But two important questions must be addressed: Are e-cigs safe? Are they effective for smoking cessation?

If lung cancer it is detected in stage 1, lung cancer has a 80-85 percent cure rate. HealthHUb number from Cleveland Clinic

Lung Cancer: Early Detection Saves Lives (Infographic)

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When it comes to lung cancer, there are various diagnostic tests used to determine the stage as well as how stage 1 and 2 lung cancer are defined. The good news: If it is detected in stage 1, lung cancer has a high cure rate.

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Greater Number of Diseases Now Attributed to Smoking

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The acting U.S. surgeon general says smoking is directly responsible for an even greater number of disease and illnesses, including diabetes, colorectal and liver cancers, erectile dysfunction and ectopic pregnancies.

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COPD: 4 Myths Debunked

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To mark today’s World COPD Day, physicians here and abroad are reaching out to COPD sufferers to give them tips on taking control of their health.

Studies show that smokers have a 77% greater risk of heart attack after surgery than nonsmokers.

Why Surgery and Cigarettes Don’t Mix (Infographic)

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If you're a smoker scheduled for surgery, know that smoking puts you at a higher risk for postoperative heart attacks, blood clots, pneumonia and even death. But there's also good news for smokers struggling to quit.

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‘Surprising Link’: Smoking and Bladder Cancer

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Plenty of people know the risks of cigarette smoke as it enters the body, but cigarette toxins present a high risk of bladder cancer as they leave the body. Experts say half of all bladder cancer deaths are caused by smoking.

Heart Healthy Living

How to Live Better — Not Just Longer (Video)

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While the average life expectancy is increasing, not everyone is enjoying a good quality of life. Here’s how you can decrease your risk of chronic disease and increase your odds of living not just longer — but better.

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Talking Kids Out of Smoking

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A study finds that health care professionals who simply talk to young children about the negative health effects of smoking can make a difference.