Applying sunscreen

5 Places You’re Probably Forgetting to Put Sunscreen

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We all know that we should put on sunscreen every time we are out in the summer sun. But there are some important parts of the body we often miss.

Woman in sunshine

Quiz: Are You Sizzling Smart About the Sun?

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From beach trips to ball games, the sunny days of summer are upon us. Do you have the right protection?

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Top Tips to Help You Have a Healthy, Fun Summer

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For many of us, summer is a great time of year. Here’s our handpicked collection of the top summertime advice from Cleveland Clinic experts that will help to make the best of the sultry months for you and your family.

sunburns last forever

Sunburns Are Forever

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You can’t avoid the sun, of course, but you can avoid sunburn. A good idea, considering that damage from sunburn can last a lifetime, leading to skin cancer, premature aging and wrinkles.

Summer exercise

5 Summer Survival Tips (Slideshow)

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Avoid the dangers of the dog days of summer with advice on sunscreen, safe food, smart travel and more.

Sunscreen infographic clip

Sunscreen Smarts (Infographic)

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With so many formulas on the shelf, how do you pick? Our infographic shows you how to choose wisely and use correctly.

tips to keep your kids safe in the summer sun

Keep Your Kids Sun-safe

Tags: skin cancer, summer safety, sunscreen, swimming

Swimming and outdoor sports are great ways for them to stay fit, but they also mean increased exposure to the sun. Here are some things parents can do to make sure summer is both fun and safe.

mature woman with beautiful skin

5 Biggest Skin Care Myths

Tags: anti-aging, Catalyst, myths, skin care, sunscreen

You know that too much sun and smoking can harm your skin, but you can do more to keep skin healthy than just avoiding risk factors. An expert replaces skin care myths with facts.

woman's hands

Are Your Hands Aging You?

Tags: skin care, sunscreen, tips for winter weather, wrinkles

Cleveland Clinic dermatologist Alexandra Zhang, MD, talks about how to keep hands looking young by preventing and treating age or liver spots, brittle nails, scaly skin and bony looking hands.


Wondrous Watermelon and Sunscreen Smarts (Slideshow)

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What is the walk-run method of getting off the couch? How does watermelon boost your looks? When should you always recirculate air conditioning in your car? Health Hub Tips has the surprising answers to these questions and more.