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Why Your Low-T Medications May Not Be Safe (Video)

Tags: enlarged prostate, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart health, Low T, prostate cancer, study, testosterone, testosterone deficiency syndrome, testosterone therapy

Scant evidence of low-T therapy safety or efficacy prompts medical concerns about long-term effects. FDA panel recommends limiting access to disease-related use.

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Concerns Raised About Testosterone Therapy

Tags: heart attack, heart disease, heart risks, replacement therapy, stroke, testosterone

A major new study links testosterone replacement therapy to increased risks of heart attack, stroke or death. Why this should be a warning to both patients and doctors.


Beware of ‘Natural’ Testosterone Boosters for ‘Low-T’

Tags: depression, erectile dysfunction, Low T, sex, testosterone, testosterone deficiency syndrome, testosterone therapy

Guys: Over-the-counter ‘natural’ remedies that claim to raise your testosterone levels may sound too good to be true. Are they?

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‘Low T’ Therapy: Do You Need It?

Tags: Low T, men's health, testosterone, testosterone deficiency syndrome, testosterone therapy

If you believe the ads, testosterone therapy will make you sexier, more muscular and more energetic. But it’s not right for everyone. Learn who needs it and who does not.

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Hair Loss in Women

Tags: androgens, estrogen, hair follicle, hair loss, hormones, menopause, postmenopausal estrogen therapy, telogen effluvium, testosterone, vitamins

Female patterned hair loss is 90 percent is genetic and 10 percent is hormonal. If you notice more than 150 hairs shed per day (compared to the usual 100 hairs) it is time to be evaluated by a physician.

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Daily Digest: Testosterone Therapy, Multiple Sclerosis, and “Chemo Brain”

Tags: Alemtuzumab, chemo brain, chemotherapy, cleveland clinic in the news, EEG, electroencephalogram, Interferon Beta-1a, multiple sclerosis, testosterone

In our June 7, 2012 daily digest, read about testosterone therapy, multiple sclerosis, "chemo brain," alemtuzumab and interferon beta-1a.