Looking for the Best Exercise Playlist? Try This One

Looking for the Best Exercise Playlist? Try This One

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One of the best things you can do for your heart is to move your body. This specially curated collection of songs bumps to at least 130 beats per minute – the perfect pace to maintain during your exercise.

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Do You Have Sports-Related Back Pain? Know When to Call a Doctor

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Find out what you need to know about sports-related back and spine injuries. It's important to know when to treat these injuries on your own and when to seek help.

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Gym Anxiety, Second Opinions and Other News of the Week

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Here is this week’s round-up of stories from around the Web featuring Cleveland Clinic experts that we know you won’t want to miss.

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How You Can Find the Best Personal Trainer

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You’re ready to get serious with your fitness routine and hire a personal trainer. Be thorough in your research and insist on someone who can really help you reach your goals.

We asked our exercise physiologists — who understand the mechanisms and impact of physical activity on health and fitness — whether cardiovascular or resistance training had the edge. HealthHub Infographic from Cleveland Clinic

Cardio vs. Resistance Training: Which is Healthier? (Infographic)

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Some people think all you need to do is tackle free weights and machines in the gym. Others swear by regular running, walking, swimming or biking. We asked our exercise physiologists to decide the champ.


How to Get Back to Bicycling

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When we were children, we rode our bikes and remember the feeling of freedom it gave us. Now, as adults, bicycling offers great exercise, especially for long-term joint problems. Here’s how to get back in the bike seat.

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Shifting From Athlete to Active Adult

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Find expert workout tips to help you make the change from being a high school or collegiate sports athlete to an active adult. Exercises and their intensity should change as you focus on long-term health.

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Weekend Diet Advice

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When the weekend comes -- relax, have fun, but don’t let your diet slide. Occasional treats are okay, especially over the weekend, but you don't want to let them ruin healthy habits.

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Marathons: Training for a Stronger Performance

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Myth: Strength training increases bulk and hinders performance.Fact: Strength training helps improve your running economy, decrease your risk of injury and make your running more effective. Want to run a marathon? Include strength training in your workout plans, says Cleveland Clinic Sports Health exercise physiologist Heather Nettle, MA. Strength training helps you build muscles and

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Workout Hydration Tips (Video)

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When you exercise, should you reach for water, a sports drink or something else? A sports nutritionist offers advice.