COVID-19: How to Cope With the Coronavirus Pandemic

healthcare worker preparing covid vaccine
Infectious Disease

Here’s How the First Rounds of the COVID-19 Vaccine Will Roll Out

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Coping With Coronavirus

holiday shopping online during covid
Infectious Disease

Here’s How COVID-19 Will Upend Your Holiday Shopping Plans

family going to holiday gathering
Mental Health

Should You Cancel Your Holiday Gatherings This Year Because of COVID?

Healthy Habits

man putting on his covid mask after washing his hands
Infectious Disease

A Comprehensive Guide to Face Masks

man with mask traveling in airport during pandemic
Infectious Disease

How to Protect Yourself From the Coronavirus While Traveling

elderly woman masking at home with son
Infectious Disease

Should You Wear a Mask at Home?

Taking Care of Your Family

Visiting older family members during covid
Senior Health

How to Safely Visit Older Relatives During the Coronavirus Pandemic

child school anxiety

When to Get Help for Your Child’s School Anxiety

Diet + Exercise

Running during covid pandemic
Sports Health & Fitness

Should You Wear a Face Mask When Running Outdoors?

group walking outside in fall during covid
Infectious Disease

Is There a Safe (and Warm) Way to Gather Outside During the Pandemic?

woman eating fruit salad

Stop Beating Yourself Up About Your “Corona Diet”

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