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Flu Season: What You Need To Know


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Woman with protective face mask huddling on floor while flu spores float around in the air.
Here’s How Dangerous the Flu Can Be

Influenza puts stress on your body and can lead to serious conditions like pneumonia or stroke

concerned wife takes husbands temperature flu season heart
Can the Flu Trigger a Heart Attack?

Inflammation caused by the influenza virus can lead to deadly heart complications

Overhead view of a person holding hot tea and flu medications.
When Flu Season Officially Starts

While it typically starts in October, vaccine effectiveness can affect its duration and severity

FLu vaccine vials with needle filled with liquid on a blue background.
What You Need To Know About Flu Strains

There are three antigenic types of influenza, but A and B are responsible for our flu season

Person taking electronic temperature of sick child in bed.
What’s the Difference Between RSV, the Flu and COVID-19?

It comes down to a wheeze, a fever and long-term effects

Two white and blue pills on a wooden surface
Tamiflu: Is It Best To Help You Fight the Flu?

The antiviral medication can help curb symptoms and shorten recovery time

Person sick in bed with flu, tea and tissues by bedside
Got Flu? Here’s How Long You’ll Be Contagious

You can spread the flu to others a day before you feel sick and for several days after