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Tag: asthma triggers

male doing yoga breathing exercises seated on a bed
December 18, 2023/Lung

Should You Try an Alternative Asthma Treatment?

The effectiveness and safety of many of these options are unknown, so it’s best to stick to traditional care

asthma triggers floating around a set of lungs and a person
December 11, 2023/Lung

How To Stop an Asthma Cough

Avoid triggers like dust, smoke and cold air to lessen your chances of coughing

Parent helps child with their inhaler at home.
October 24, 2023/Lung

Treating Asthma in Children: How Parents Can Help

Asthma-proof your home, keep notes and (try to) be patient with long-term treatments

hyperallergenic pillow mattress cover
January 3, 2023/Allergies

Does Hypoallergenic Bedding Work?

It can help reduce exposure to allergens, but don't expect it to solve allergy or asthma issues


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child wearing scarf over face in winter
December 1, 2020/Lung

How To Manage Winter Asthma

Plus, 7 ways to avoid asthma attacks during cold weather

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