When Do Babies Start Walking?

Don’t let the one-tooth grin, chubby arms and baby talk fool you. Inside the cutest package ever burns a fierce determination to do the impossible: walk like everyone else. But when should your baby start walking, and what are the signs it’s going to happen soon?

Baby beginning to walk

When and How to Sleep Train Your Baby

If you have a four-month old, you’ve probably wondered if it’s time to sleep train your baby. But how do you actually do it? And how long should it take? A pediatrician explains how to sleep train your baby.

baby sleeping in crib
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How Can I Tell When My Baby Is Tired?

Find the answers to questions that pique your curiosity in our series “The Short Answer.” Pediatrician Maureen Ahmann, DO, explains how to tell if your baby is tired or fussing for another reason.

Mother calming her crying baby