Are You a Caregiver? Take Care of Yourself, Too

Contributor: Jamie Schwachter, BSN, MSN, NP-C Many of the patients we see at Taussig Cancer Institute have someone at home or a close friend who is helping them. This person – a caregiver – often is a spouse, a partner, an adult child, a parent or a close friend. If you are among the ranks of these … Read More

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Who Is On Your Cancer Support Team?

Learning that you have cancer can make you feel terribly isolated. Suddenly you find yourself in a new, unfamiliar world. But you are not alone. Many people want to help support you through your treatment into survivorship.

How You Can Help a Spouse With Cancer

Contributor: Jamie Schwachter, BSN, MSN, NP-C One of the most frequent – and touching – questions we get on the Cancer Answer Line is from people whose spouses or partners have been newly diagnosed with cancer. They want to know how they can help and support their spouse through this life-changing diagnosis and the ensuing … Read More

When Caregivers Become Patients (Video)

Imagine you work in the health care industry: You have the knowledge. You make the rules. Until one day you yourself experience a major health problem. Suddenly, everything changes. Now, you’re the patient in the bed. You’re the one who’s helpless and dependent. That’s what happened to the health care workers in this video. The … Read More

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Seniors: Stay Safe in the Heat (Video)

The Senior Games are a summertime showcase for older athletes. They know, being both athletes and seniors, for them heat exposure can be especially dangerous.  When the heat kicks in, older people are more at risk than others. Ronan Factora, MD, a geriatrician at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Geriatric Medicine, says seniors are simply more … Read More

How Do I Tell My Children I Have Cancer?

Breaking the news to your child that you have cancer is an emotional roller coaster and there are no absolute right or wrong ways to do it. It’s like so much of life and parenting — you do the best you can. We offer parents strategies, though, that can help you through. One of the … Read More