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Tag: child fever

Parent checking temperature of small sickly child in bed.
June 20, 2023/Children's Health

Scarlet Fever and Strep Have Been on the Rise: What Should You Know — and Do — About It?

Awareness and prompt treatment can help keep your family safe

Teething baby crying
April 30, 2023/Children's Health

Teething Doesn’t Cause Fevers — and Other Myths To Sink Your Teeth Into

Drooling, chewing and mild fussing are the most common baby teething symptoms

Child with fever has wet washcloth on forehead.

Never Use Rubbing Alcohol To Bring Down a Fever

It can cause alcohol poisoning and other serious health issues, especially in kids

parent caring for child's fever in bed
April 16, 2023/Children's Health

How To Treat Your Child’s Fever Naturally (and When To Let It Run Its Course)

It’s important not to give them fever-reducing medications right off the bat


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Person taking temperature of child using ear thermometer.
April 10, 2023/Primary Care

Heat Check: How To Take Your Temperature

You can use a digital, tympanic or temporal artery thermometer

checking temperature with a digital thermometer
February 20, 2023/Primary Care

What Is a Normal Body Temperature?

There’s no one answer, as your temperature fluctuates throughout the day and your life

Mother giving child medicine to take with water.
December 29, 2022/Children's Health

What To Do During the Children’s Medicine Shortage

Now’s the time to teach older kids to swallow pills

Parent reading to their sick child who is in bed.
October 31, 2022/Children's Health

How to Comfort Your Child at Home When They Have RSV

TLC = keeping them home, letting them rest, managing their fever and maintaining their hydration

Person laying in bed with thermometer.
October 13, 2022/Primary Care

5 Methods to Safely Break a Fever

Get some rest, drink fluids, use blankets or ice packs and take medications

mom taking sick child's temperature
September 26, 2022/Children's Health

Fever in Babies and Children: When To Worry

Behavior and age are important clues

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