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Tag: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

male sitting on couch using inhaler and holding chest
January 9, 2024/Lung

Understanding the Difference Between Asthma and COPD

Both conditions have similar symptoms, but different causes and treatments

female with hand on chest holding inhaler in other hand, with of breathlessness float in background
January 4, 2024/Lung

Preventing COPD Exacerbations and Flare-Ups

You can reduce your chances of a flare-up by quitting smoking, avoiding respiratory infections and following your doctor’s orders

lit cigarette floating in black background
January 2, 2024/Lung

WARNING: Even Light Smoking Affects Respiratory Health

Even only a couple cigarettes a day can lead to potentially deadly lung diseases like COPD and emphysema

woman with persistant cough heart cough
May 4, 2022/Heart Health

Can a Cough Be Related to Heart Issues?

When to be evaluated for a cough that won't improve


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young lady sitting in front of standing fan to cool down
March 2, 2021/Lung

5 Tips to Help You Breathe Easier in Hot or Cold Weather

How to cope with changing air quality, weather factors

Is It Normal to Get Depressed or Anxious as You Age?
December 19, 2019/Brain & Nervous System

Is It Normal to Get Depressed or Anxious as You Age?

Mental health issues can be tied to medical problems

Elderly man tired from COPD
June 17, 2019/Lung

COPD Fatigue Can Be Relentless, So Fight Back

How to get back your get-up-and-go

A person dressed for the cold weather in hat, scarf over face, gloves and coat
January 31, 2019/Heart Health

How Cold Weather Can Spell Trouble for Your Heart and Lungs

Take the proper precautions to protect yourself

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