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Kidneys along with a microscope, magnifying glass and clipboard showing diagnosis of kidney disease.
February 19, 2023/Urinary & Kidney Health

Symptoms of IgA Nephropathy and C3G and Slowing Disease Progress

You may not notice any symptoms of kidney disease until later stages  

Scientist using microscope.
February 16, 2023/Urinary & Kidney Health

Why Genetic Testing for C3G May Be an Important Choice

It can help determine a best treatment path

Fish, vegetables and other whole foods on a table.
February 14, 2023/Urinary & Kidney Health

What To Eat (and Avoid) When Living With IgA Nephropathy or C3G

Low-sodium and nutrient-rich foods are your best bets

Illustration of doctor examining kidneys with test tubes and health chart in background.
February 8, 2023/Urinary & Kidney Health

Life With IgAN or C3G

These kidney diseases may require some lifestyle changes, but the renal diet isn’t always necessary


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Doctor with patient showing new kidney for transplant.
September 28, 2022/Transplant

11 Kidney Transplant Recovery Tips

Rest, hydration, protein and light exercise all play an important role in your healing

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