Man in hospital bed after organ donation - thumbs up
April 13, 2023/Transplant

Why Become an Organ Donor? Because You Could Save Many Lives

One donor can help more than 80 people

Doctor with patient showing new kidney for transplant.
September 28, 2022/Transplant

11 Kidney Transplant Recovery Tips

Rest, hydration, protein and light exercise all play an important role in your healing

Liver in three sections
January 23, 2019/Transplant

How Much of My Liver Would I Need to Donate to Save Someone’s Life?

Living liver donation procedures, recovery and outcomes

Katie Stubblefield After First Total Face Transplant
August 14, 2018/Transplant

A Young Woman’s Total Face Transplant: Her Road to Recovery

Gunshot wound survivor's recovery continues


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Total Face Transplant Augmented Reality
August 14, 2018/Transplant

Face Transplant Evolves With Amazing Hologram Technology

Cleveland Clinic first to use augmented reality in this way

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