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Person messaging thigh muscle on exercise mat
February 26, 2024/Exercise & Fitness

Loosen Up Those Muscle Knots: Here’s How To Get Rid of Them

Stretching, heating pads and massage guns can provide quick relief

Parent and two children preforming downward dog in yoga
February 13, 2024/Exercise & Fitness

Yoga for Kids: Benefits and 17 Poses and Exercises To Get Started

Kids’ yoga can help kiddos become more aware of their physical, mental and emotional selves

woman on stomach with arms behind her being held by partner to assist her in passive stretching of arms and back.
January 22, 2023/Exercise & Fitness

What Is Passive Stretching?

Relax into this form of stretching while a prop or partner assists you

woman demonstrating a pririformis syndrome stretch
June 30, 2022/Diet, Food & Fitness

7 Best Stretches and Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome

Try these moves to relieve butt pain and numbness


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Individual running on a treadmill
August 19, 2019/Heart Health

Exercising With Peripheral Artery Disease: Take Steps to Reduce Leg Pain

What to expect from a supervised walking program

Cancer patient running on the beach

Should You Exercise When You Have Cancer?

Add physical activity to your daily routine

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