Medicare Considers Coverage of Genetic Prostate Cancer Test

Overtreatment of prostate cancer represents one of the most significant issues in men’s health today. As a result of the limited information available from a biopsy, more than 90 percent of low-risk patients undergo immediate treatment, such as prostate removal or radiation, despite having less than a 3 percent chance of their low-risk disease progressing to become deadly.

BRCA1 and Ovarian Cancer: Why Women Choose Preventive Surgery

For a woman, the decision to have your ovaries and fallopian tubes removed does not come easily. But if you face an alarmingly high genetic risk of ovarian cancer, preventive surgery may be the right choice. Angelina Jolie’s surgery in March shined a national spotlight on this issue. She previously brought attention to preventive mastectomy … Read More

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How Your Family Affects Your Heart Health

When it comes to different types of heart disease, there are plenty of factors you can’t control — including aging and your family history. But even if you can’t turn back time, knowing about genetic issues makes a difference in how you manage, monitor and treat disease. If you dig into your family history, you’ll … Read More

How A Traffic Accident Saved One Woman’s Life

When a teenage driver rear-ended and totaled her car on a Florida freeway in 2011, Kelley Douglass thought it must be one of her worst days ever. As it turned out, the accident saved her life. Her back aching, Mrs. Douglass consulted a chiropractor, who ordered an MRI. It revealed an abnormality in her bone … Read More

What You Should Know About PALB2 and Breast Cancer Risk

When a genetic mutation makes headlines, the first thing patients ask is, “Should I be tested for it?” PALB2 is no exception. Recently, researchers made news by connecting mutations in this gene to an increased risk for breast cancer. It’s important research. It expands the list of genes that we know affect breast cancer. But … Read More

What You Can Learn From Basketball Star Isaiah Austin

When basketball star Isaiah Austin stood in front of the crowd at June’s NBA draft, the moment had special meaning for people with genetic conditions. Sadly, the 20-year-old Austin was a ceremonial draft pick. The college standout from Baylor saw his life change during a pre-draft physical. That physical led to a diagnosis of Marfan … Read More

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Are These 3 Fears Scaring You Away from Genetic Medicine?

Your genes contain powerful information. To the trained eye, they hold the keys to your future health and your risk of disease. But the power of genetics also comes with anxiety, especially when it comes to legal and insurance questions. Patients want to know what genetic information means, who can use it and — frankly … Read More

Guide to Genetic Testing: What Happens, What You Learn

It’s dizzying to consider how genetic testing could change our approach to managing our health, making it possible to focus effort based on risk, before a disease even develops. But it also raises complex questions about privacy. You might wonder whether the information that comes to light could raise your insurance premiums or affect an employer’s decision … Read More