New Approach to Brain Tumors: Cut the Motor

It’s tough to hit a fast-moving target — especially if it’s microscopic and lodged deep in a person’s densely packed and highly sensitive brain. Yet that is the challenge doctors face in treating the cells of glioblastoma tumors, the most common and aggressive type of cancerous brain tumors. Why glioblastoma can be so deadly Glioblastoma … Read More

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Head and Neck Cancers: Truth Exposed

There are many misconceptions about head and neck cancers. Below, find 4 myths debunked by our experts. Myth 1: Cigarette smoking doesn’t increase your risk of developing head and neck cancer Fact:  The risk of developing head and neck cancer is 15 times greater for smokers than non-smokers. Myth 2:  Drinking alcohol doesn’t increase your … Read More