Sudden Cardiac Arrest: 5 Things Raise Your Risk

You may think the most common single cause of death in the United States is heart attack. Or cancer. Or stroke. But it’s actually sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Learn about sudden cardiac arrest and the 5 things that can raise your risk.

Illustration of person with cardiad arrest
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Is ‘White Coat Syndrome’ Dangerous?

If your blood pressure spikes to higher-than-normal levels when you go to your doctor’s office, that’s called “white coat syndrome.” While it was once thought to be harmless, newer studies suggest otherwise.

physician working on iPad in office
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How Fall Yard Work Can Cause Heart Problems

It’s important when raking leaves to realize you could be at risk for a heart attack. Raking can be just as strenuous as shoveling snow or other cardiovascular activity. Know the warning signs and dangers to your heart that can happen during your fall leaf cleanup.

elderly man raking leaves in the fall