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Advances Make Hip, Knee Replacements Last Longer

Contributor: Michael Bloomfield, MD  Hip and knee replacements eliminate pain and improve movement for hundreds of thousands of people every year in the United States. Younger and more active patients are seeking joint replacements. This is why surgeons and implant developers continue to improve the prosthetics and techniques involved in the surgery. In recent years, manufacturers … Read More

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Is a Hip or Knee Replacement Right for You?

As people live longer and are more active, they expect more in their golden years.  They want to move well and without pain. “Patients today aren’t as willing to live with the limitations that past generations accepted,” says Michael Bloomfield, MD, a Cleveland Clinic orthopaedic surgeon at Hillcrest Hospital and Cleveland Clinic main campus. With … Read More

A Hip Replacement Is Good for Your Heart

Pain may push you to seek knee or hip replacement surgery, but a recent study shows that this surgery can do much more than ease painful joints. It very likely will boost your heart health and help you live longer. Adults may accept achy muscles and joints as an inevitable part of aging, but when … Read More