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female speaking with pharmacist with pack of birth control
August 9, 2023/Women's Health

Birth Control Methods That Clear Up Acne: What To Look For and How It Works

Birth control pills with estrogen are best for fighting hormonal acne

Woman holding a pregnancy test.
January 16, 2023/Pregnancy & Childbirth

Can Birth Control Cause Infertility?

No, most hormonal birth control doesn’t affect your future fertility

Woman lying a couch and looking at a packet of pills atop a laptop
June 15, 2021/Women's Health

Your Guide to Going Off of Birth Control

If you’re considering stopping yours, here’s what to know

birth control pills and thyroids
February 10, 2021/Women's Health

Can Birth Control Cause Thyroid Problems?

The surprising connection between birth control and thyroid function


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