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Tag: hormone therapy

Caregiver and child with doctor in kid-friendly pediatrician office

What’s the Best Age for Your Kid To Start Growth Hormone Treatment?

This therapy may be recommended at any age, but it’s commonly started before puberty

Parent holding toddler, with doctor assessing child with kid-friendly stethoscope

My Child Needs Growth Hormone Therapy, Now What?

Treatments are designed to help with growth hormone deficiency, which can affect your child’s height

Female awake in bed at night
April 5, 2024/Women's Health

What To Expect in Each Stage of Menopause

It’s a natural part of aging, starting with perimenopause and eventually leading into postmenopause

older female showing doctor where breast tenderness is
January 24, 2024/Women's Health

Does Menopause Cause Breast Pain?

Hormone changes may lead to sore breasts, but lifestyle changes can help


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Woman drinking coffee which is a know trigger for hot flashes.
July 20, 2022/Women's Health

How Long Will I Have Hot Flashes and What Causes Them?

Learn what may trigger the sudden onset of heat and sweat

woman holding hormone therapy birth control pills
November 5, 2020/Women's Health

Hormones, Blood Clots and COVID-19: Should You Be Worried?

Get the answers from a vascular medicine specialist

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