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Why Scientists Put Your Diet Under the Microscope

If it seems like you know a lot more people with a painful digestive disease these days, it’s not just your imagination. Cases of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have increased dramatically in recent years — and they keep rising. Estimates say that 1.4 million Americans have some form of IBD. These diseases aren’t just “trendy” because … Read More

Crowd Power: A New Way to Solve Health Problems

Claudio Fiocchi, MD, knows how much early detection matters for patients with inflammatory bowel disease. But he also knows today’s diagnostic tools generally detect the disease too late — after it has done extensive damage. When Dr. Fiocchi sought a new answer, he turned to the crowd. The idea: When trying to solve a problem, … Read More

Avoid Grocery or Pharmacy Clinics for Your Kids’ Care

Health clinics inside grocery stores and pharmacies are convenient, but they are the wrong place to take your children for the best care. Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a formal recommendation opposing the use of these retail-based clinics for infants, children and adolescents. These retail-based clinics, focused on selling products, simply can’t … Read More

No. 6 Innovation: Fecal Transplant Fights Disease (Video)

Cleveland Clinic asked more than 100 of its top experts about the innovations set to reshape healthcare in the coming year. These are their answers — the Top 10 Innovations for 2014. The microbiota, or mix of microbes, in your intestines exists in a delicate state of balance. Sometimes, antibiotics used for treatment can undo … Read More

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