7 Benefits of Skipping Periods With Birth Control

Periods are a part of life for women, but many women would like to be able to control when they happen. Others may have a history of difficult periods and just want to do without the stress. Taking birth control pills continuously represents a common and safe method for managing menstrual disturbances and other associated … Read More

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If You Suffer From Endometriosis, Better Help May Be Coming

Despite the fact that endometriosis is fairly common, we still don’t have a good handle on exactly what causes the condition. This has prevented researchers from developing the most effective treatments. Several new studies may offer promise for women with endometriosis. These studies may signal potential breakthroughs, leading to much more effective ways to alleviate the pain that endometriosis causes. Endometriosis occurs when tissue, which … Read More

Gynecology Appointment During Your Period (Video)

If you have ever thought about canceling or rescheduling your GYN or Pap smear appointment because you’re on your period, think again. Colleen Raymond, MD, OB/GYN at Cleveland Clinic, explains why she strongly encourages patients not to cancel or reschedule their appointment. She cites that Pap smear screenings can still be preformed during menstruation and there are … Read More

PMS: Control Pain, Moodiness and Cramping (Video)

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome strikes every month, leaving women crampy, bloated, weepy or irritable. But for some women, their extreme PMS symptoms turn their lives upside down, affecting their jobs and relationships.  That’s no way to go through life.  Find out how your doctor can help control your monthly hormone surges to get you relief.

Fibroids and Hysterectomy: Get a Second Opinion (Video)

More than half of all women have fibroids. The good news is that many of them don’t even know it. If you have fibroids that cause painful periods and other problems, don’t agree to a hysterectomy before getting a second opinion. Experts have many less invasive ways to treat these uterine growths, from medication to … Read More

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