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Adult hand uses a dropper to deliver a liquid to newborn by mouth
January 18, 2024/Children's Health

Do Infants Need Vitamin D Drops?

A daily dose of vitamin D can help babies build strong bones, as well as boost their brain development

Pregnanct person breaking cigarette
August 29, 2023/Pregnancy & Childbirth

What Happens if You Smoke While Pregnant?

Just a single cigarette a day can have serious health consequences

Pregnant woman lying on couch
January 3, 2022/Pregnancy & Childbirth

What To Know About Vaginal Strep If You’re Pregnant

Adults are often asymptomatic, but this bacteria can seriously harm newborns

Seated mother holds small baby facing toward her as they smile at one another
August 12, 2021/Children's Health

Is Your Newborn Baby’s Immune System Strong Enough?

How to protect your little one from bacteria and viruses


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