Your Feet Hold Clues to Clogged Arteries

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a buildup of cholesterol and plaque in the arteries that lead to your extremities. PAD can cause discomfort in your legs and feet, and limit your walking and activities. Severe PAD can progress to loss of limb. Your doctor can check for signs of the disease with a simple test of … Read More

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Can Dark Chocolate Help Ease Your Pain from PAD?

It’s not news that walking is good for you. But a recent study found that a sweet treat may make walking a little easier for you if you have painful leg cramping from peripheral artery disease (PAD). Prior research showing possible benefits of eating dark chocolate has led to more studies. Recently, researchers found that … Read More

Diet May Provide Protection Against Artery Disease

The Mediterranean diet has long been known to be a heart-healthy way to eat. New research shows that the diet also may protect against peripheral artery disease (PAD), or the clogging and hardening of the arteries that supply blood to the extremities. The Mediterranean diet emphasizes fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, nuts, legumes, olive oil … Read More

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PAD Problems? Medicated Stents Can Help (Video)

A new type of stent provides long-lasting help for some patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD). Initial trials show that these new medicated and flexible stents help restore adequate blood flow to the legs, and lessen the risk that those treated blood vessels will become narrow again. When you don’t get enough blood to your … Read More