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Tag: salmonella

Two pieces of leftover pizza sitting in a pizza box.
December 4, 2022/Nutrition

Is It Safe To Leave Pizza Out Overnight?

No! Be sure to put your leftovers in the fridge

cracked egg in bowl
April 5, 2022/Nutrition

Is Eating Raw Eggs Bad?

The scoop on whether it’s safe to eat raw eggs

Girl eating cookie dough while cooking with mom
November 22, 2021/Digestive

Is It Safe To Eat Raw Cookie Dough or Cake Batter?

WARNING: Bacteria could be present due to raw flour and eggs

A person pouring milk from a pitcher into a glass
July 1, 2021/Nutrition

The Dangers of Raw Milk: What You Should Know

Bacteria can cause serious illness


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man washing chicken in the sink
June 27, 2021/Infectious Disease

Should You Wash Raw Chicken?

The short answer from an expert

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