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Why You Should Start Treating Your Allergy Symptoms Now

Many people haven’t broken free from the grip of winter yet, but now is the time to start thinking about spring allergies. In fact, the season is already under way in some areas of the country because the trees  already are budding. Once they begin to flower, allergy sufferers need to be prepared. “Maple, elm, hickory and oak … Read More

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How to Keep Holiday Scents From Causing Asthma Attacks

For many people, the smells of a cinnamon- or pine-scented candle or a freshly cut tree evokes good memories. But for some people, those well-known aromas present a serious health risk. Decorations that fill your home with holiday scents can jump-start nasal congestion, sneezing and a runny nose in just about anyone. But, the health … Read More

Spring Allergies: 8 Top Ways to Help Your Child

Is your child suddenly sneezy? Cleveland Clinic Children’s pediatric allergist Brian Schroer, MD, provides a tutorial on spring allergies in kids. Lesson #1: Know your opponent  Is that “achoo” seasonal allergies or a cold? Sneezing, nose and throat itchiness, and eye itchiness plus redness usually signal allergies. Like a cold, allergies produce nasal drainage, but it looks clear and … Read More