Over 45? How You Can Deal With Rotator Cuff Injuries

While many of us associate torn rotator cuffs with baseball, people over age 45 are increasingly at risk for this injury. Most often, when people have shoulder pain, it’s just tendonitis and doesn’t necessarily indicate a tear in the rotator cuff. Tendonitis due to stress Tendonitis is more common than a rotator cuff injury and … Read More

Shoulder Dislocation: How It Happens in Real Life

Treating a dislocated shoulder always looks so easy in the movies and on TV. In real life, you should seek medical attention right away. We’ve all seen those dramatic scenes when an actor just “pops” a dislocated shoulder back into place, then is ready to jump right back into the action. In the real world, … Read More

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Joint Replacement Surgery Gets ‘Smarter’

Traditionally, surgeons performing joint replacement surgery determine the placement of a new hip, shoulder or knee joint based on two-dimensional imaging, such as X-rays and CT scans. But Wael Barsoum, MD, Vice Chairman, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Cleveland Clinic, and Joseph Iannotti, MD, PhD, Chairman of Cleveland Clinic’s Orthopaedic & Rheumatologic Institute, are working on … Read More

Keeping Pain at Bay Through the Golf Season

So, its springtime and you have watched enough golf on television. You have started to wear down the carpeting in your living room perfecting your winter swing. The impact bag you have used for months has convinced you that a groundbreaking season is at hand. It is an awesome feeling. You anticipate the league championship … Read More

Surgery: Now in 3-D

There’s no guesswork when Cleveland Clinic orthopaedic surgeons replace a patient’s shoulder or hip joint. That’s because the surgery already has been done, virtually. Three-dimensional computer imaging of a patient’s bone structure allows a surgeon to perform an operation virtually and then take it into the real world in a precise way, says Joseph P. … Read More

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