Do Caffeinated Skin Care Products Work?

Caffeine has become a popular ingredient in skin care products ranging from under-eye serums to face masks to anti-cellulite creams and beyond. While marketing claims it can “wake up” your skin, here’s what that really means and whether it actually works.

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Facial Icing: Is Ice Good for Your Face?

In a world of wacky wellness-related tips and tricks, this recent trend takes it back to basics: facial icing as a means of reducing puffiness. So does it work? An aesthetician explains why this old-fashioned skincare method is in the spotlight again, and what it can do for you.

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The Best Skin Care Ingredients for Your Neck

While many of us have an established skin care routine, we tend to neglect our neck. Many of the same products can be used for both, especially sunscreen. You should apply it every day, even if you are inside, since the ultraviolet light and blue light from your screens can damage the skin.

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Do Home Remedies for Cystic Acne Work?

Cystic acne is impossible to treat on your own. But with a dermatologist’s help, it’s possible to get it under control. Find out what cystic acne is and if it’s possible to treat it at home from a dermatologist.

cystic acne, acne, Retin-A, skin health, skin care

Do Pimple Patches Actually Work?

The cardinal rule of acne is “Don’t pick,” but when you’re faced with a whitehead that seems to have its own zip code, sometimes all logic flies out the window. If you’ve broken the rules and taken matters into your own hands, a pimple patch may be able to help soothe your skin in a pinch.

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