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Doctor listening to a child's heart with a stethoscope
March 20, 2023/Children's Health

How Serious Are Heart Murmurs in Children?

Heart murmurs are quite common in kids and often fade away over time

Kid playing basketball with parent.
August 21, 2022/Heart Health

Can Kids Living With Heart Conditions Play Sports?

Each child and condition is unique, but most kids can play with proper precautions

person holding hands to upper chest
October 17, 2021/Heart Health

Chest Pain in Young Athletes: When You Should Be Concerned

Learn the common causes of chest pain, especially if you're very active

athlete undergoing testing on heart
December 30, 2020/Heart Health

Can You Play Sports With a Heart Murmur?

Information you need, on and off the field


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woman runner taking a break
July 29, 2020/Exercise & Fitness

Heart Risks Associated With Extreme Exercise

Moderate exercise is still best for physical, mental health

Happy family jogging
October 14, 2014/Exercise & Fitness

Whether You’re 30 or 40, Starting to Exercise Improves Heart Health

Exercise is better late than never for your heart

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