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Are You a Super Fan? Avoid Damaging Your Voice

One of the most fun aspects of watching a big sporting event like the Super Bowl or Final Four is cheering on your team. Many of us will go to work or school on Monday with a scratchy throat and raspy voice. During a big game, you may use your voice more than you normally would … Read More

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10 Ways to Save Your Voice

You need it to phone your mother, win an argument, call the dog or order extra cheese on your pizza. Your voice plays a vital role in your everyday life, but it’s easy to take it for granted. To preserve and protect your voice, try these simple tips from voice-care specialist Claudio Milstein, PhD. 1. … Read More

Giving Voice: Ending 30 Years of Silence (Video)

More than 30 years ago, Betty Lou Trufant lost her voice as a result of a cold. It never came back. The illness paralyzed one of her vocal cords. Reduced to little more than a whisper for decades, her search for a cure eventually led her to Cleveland Clinic. Watch her amazing story: