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healthcare provider speaking with older female in office
February 6, 2024/Women's Health

How Estrogen Supports Heart Health

Your natural estrogen levels support a healthy heart by improving your cholesterol, increasing blood flow and reducing free radicals

Doctor listens to patient's heart during an office appointment.
April 24, 2023/Heart Health

Early Signs of a Heart Attack To Take Seriously

Subtle heart attack warning signs include pressure, cold sweats and fatigue

woman tired middle of day
October 25, 2021/Heart Health

3 Heart Attack Signs Women Shouldn’t Ignore

Dramatic chest pain isn't always one of the clues

Older woman sleeping and snoring occasionally
February 18, 2019/Sleep

Sleep Apnea Especially Dangerous for Women’s Hearts

New study points out need for increased awareness


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Why an Ob/Gyn Should Not Be Your Only Doctor
September 18, 2018/Heart Health

Why an Ob/Gyn Should Not Be Your Only Doctor

A GP should check your health, evaluate your cardiovascular risk

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