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3 Vital Ingredients to Keeping Your Bones Healthy

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Although osteoporosis overwhelmingly affects women, it's not just a female problem. Osteoporosis affects more than half of U.S. adults, about a quarter of whom are men.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Caring for Your Child’s Cast

Tags: broken bone, casts, growing pains of parenting, skin care, skin infection

What should your child do if the skin under his cast itches? What if her cast gets wet? Follow these do’s and don’ts of cast care for kids.

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Surprising Dangers of Trampolines for Kids

Tags: broken bone, Concussions, growing pains of parenting, spine, study, youth sports

Trampolines are popular among kids and adults – but they're dangerous. Our expert gives his take on the best way to avoid injury.

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Regrowing Growth Plates: A Fix for Kids’ Injuries?

Tags: bone density, broken bone, cartilage, growth plates, innovation, research

Some growth plate injuries cause kids’ arm and leg bones to prematurely stop growing. Cleveland Clinic researchers hope to translate test tube findings into the ability to regenerate damaged growth plates in kids’ bodies.

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Handling Broken Bones: Diagnosis, Treatment

Tags: broken bone

Typically, fractures (broken bones) heal fairly well. But what about bones that are shattered in multiple places? Or fractures that won’t heal? Or — worst of all — traumatic breaks that tear the skin? Learn how doctors address these issues.


Do You Really Need a Vitamin D Supplement?

Tags: bone mineral density (BMD), broken bone, fractures, osteoporosis, supplements, vitamin D

A new study says that taking vitamin D supplements for protection against osteoporosis isn’t necessary for most healthy adults. But here’s why many should still take them.

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Children and Growth Plates Injuries (Video)

Tags: bones, broken bone, child safety, fractures, growth plates, sports injuries, sports injury, youth sports

In so many ways, children are more flexible than adults – and this includes their bones. Because their bones haven’t fully hardened and are still growing, children are vulnerable to a unique injury called a growth plate fracture and parents need to address these common bone injuries.

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Kids and Broken Bones

Tags: arthritis, broken bone, calcium, fracture, ligaments, orthopaedic, skeleton, x-ray

Growing young bones need immediate attention after injury to avoid crooked or misshapen bones or arthritis later in life.