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Best Ways You Can Target Your Cancer Pain

Tags: cancer, cancer pain, cancer treatment, chronic pain, nerve blocks

As cancer is a complex progressive disease, treating cancer pain is a challenge. Today, there are advanced techniques to helping fight cancer pain for those who can't tolerate narcotic drug treatments.


BRCA1 and Ovarian Cancer: Why Women Choose Preventive Surgery

Tags: BRCA1, BRCA2, breast cancer, cancer, genetic counseling, genetics, ovarian cancer

The decision to have your ovaries and fallopian tubes removed does not come easily. But if you face an alarmingly high genetic risk of ovarian cancer, sometimes this preventive surgery is the right option.

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Can Exercise Reduce Your Cancer Risk?

Tags: cancer, colon cancer, exercise, heart disease, lung cancer, research, study

It's well known that exercise improves heart health, but could it reduce cancer risk too? A new study shows that middle-aged men with a high level of fitness have a lower incidence of lung and colon cancers.

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How You Can Continue to Work During Cancer Treatment

Tags: cancer, cancer patients, cancer treatments, chronic stress, stress, work, workplace health

Among the many important issues that patients with cancer must decide is whether they should continue to work during their treatment. For those who decide to continue working, take steps to prepare yourself for a new routine.

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Bladder Cancer: Your Personal Risk and How to Reduce It

Tags: bladder, bladder cancer, cancer, chemical exposures, geriatric, geriatric health, healthy diet, quit smoking, smoking

Age and a number of other factors can greatly increase bladder cancer risk. A Cleveland Clinic oncologist talks about this cancer and how you can reduce risk.

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Palliative Care Gives Your Loved Ones Support for Living With Disease

Tags: cancer, caregivers, hospice, hospice care, palliative care

Palliative care and hospice aren’t the same, and they don’t have to mean end of life is near. Palliative care is support throughout a disease process, and can extend length and quality of life.

How to Deal With 13 Common Concerns After You Survive Cancer

How to Deal With 13 Common Concerns After You Survive Cancer

Tags: cancer, cancer survivors, chronic pain, fatigue, heart damage, lymphedema

Cancer survivors face unique challenges once treatment ends. Find quick tips for coping with and finding support for common physical and emotional effects they experience.

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Limit Your Infertility Risk After Breast Cancer

Tags: breast cancer, cancer, cancer treatment, chemotherapy, fertility, infertility, menopause, pregnancy

Research published today highlights a new option for preserving fertility for breast cancer survivors.

#MarchForth -- A Colonoscopy Can Save Your Life


Tags: cancer, colon, colon cancer, colonoscopy, colorectal cancer, polyps, rectal bleeding, rectal cancer

Colon cancer is one of the most preventable cancers ever. Learn about the exam that stops this cancer cold. Get tips on healthy diet and lifestyle changes. Learn how to cope with cancer if it’s diagnosed, and much more.

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4 Things You Should Know About Cancer and Dehydration

Tags: cancer, cancer treatments, dehydration, hydration

Dehydration is an important issue for cancer patients. In this post, Cancer Answer Nurse Josette Snyder, RN, MSN, AOCN, gives advice on how to keep hydrated during cancer treatment.