3 friends taking photos with a smartphone

Does the ‘Selfie’ Put Your Teen at Risk for Lice?

Tags: electronics, growing pains of parenting, lice

"Selfies" are everywhere on social media. These variously styled self-portraits, often of young people posing with heads close together, has brought an interesting question: Does posing for them put teens at risk for lice?

Recipe: A Healthier Mac ‘N’ Cheese (Infographic) HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

Recipe: A Healthier Mac ‘N’ Cheese (Infographic)

Tags: growing pains of parenting, healthy diet, infographic, Recipes

Your kids want macaroni and cheese. You want to please – but need dinner to be healthy. The solution? Try our version, featuring whole-wheat noodles, real cheese and winter squash for added creaminess. It’s comfort food the whole family can agree on.

window sticker on back of car

Is Your Bumper Sticker Putting Your Child in Danger?

Tags: Be Well e-News, child, child safety, growing pains of parenting

Is that "proud parent" bumper sticker TMI? Revealing a daughter’s name, where she goes to school and that she plays soccer could put personal information in the wrong hands.

The Color of Baby Poop and What It Means (Infographic) HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

The Color of Baby Poop and What It Means (Infographic)

Tags: Be Well e-News, growing pains of parenting, infants, new mom, poop

What colors and textures you find in your baby’s diaper can reveal more than you might realize about his or her health. Find out the scoop on normal poop – and when to contact your pediatrician promptly.

teens on spring break

How to Better Handle Your Teen’s Spring Break

Tags: alcohol, drugs, growing pains of parenting, parenting, spring break

For parents of young adults, spring break can be a time of worrying about their children's safety. Here's advice for parents to ensure their teens make the right decisions during spring break vacation.

Stressed woman holding phone

Does Your Phone Come Between You and Your Kids?

Tags: electronics, growing pains of parenting, parenting, smartphones

A new study finds adults pay more attention to their smart phone than their children during outings. And adults tend to react harshly – and in some cases, physically – to the children who interrupt their screen time.

woman squeezing pimple on her face

Your 8 Biggest Acne Myths Busted

Tags: acne, dermatitis, dermatologist, dermatology, growing pains of parenting, skin allergies, skin care, skin infection

We’ve all heard the folksy wisdom about acne prevention and treatment — like the myth that toothpaste or Listerine can dry up a zit. We put that statement and others to the test.

child not wanting to eat

What You Can Do If Your Child Is a Picky Eater

Tags: diet & nutrition, growing pains of parenting, healthy eating

Is there a finicky eater at your dinner table? Untouched veggies can be a huge source of frustration for parents and children. Try these ideas to encourage kids to try new foods and keep harmony at mealtime.

Mom talking to upset teen

Best Tips for Dealing With Your Stubborn Tween

Tags: growing pains of parenting, parenting, tweens

Your son or daughter is no longer a child, but not yet a teen. This transitional time can lead to stubbornness, drama and otherwise confusing conduct. Dr. Ellen Rome explains why tweens may exhibit these behaviors and offers practical solutions.

medicines in cabinet

Tips for Parents: Managing Medications at Home

Tags: child safety, growing pains of parenting, medications

Keep these medications on hand and store them properly so you’ll be prepared for your child’s common aches, pains and illnesses throughout the year.