Give ‘Em Fuel! 4 Healthy, Quick Breakfasts for Kids

You can give kids a strong start to their day with a simple, nutritious breakfast — and the rewards are great. A healthy first meal gives kids energy and balanced nutrition. Research shows that eating a good breakfast may help with thinking, memory, academic performance, attendance and mood.

H2O: What Parents Need to Know

More than half of children and teens do not drink enough fluids. Deb Lonzer, MD, shares some helpful tips to incorporate and maintain healthy drinking habits so your kids stay hydrated.

Parents’ Cyberbullying Guide: How to Spot It and Stop It

Cyberbullying, like any bullying, often involves mean behavior: threats, harassment and negative comments that can demean or embarrass a child or teen. It happens online in texts, emails, video game chats and social media like Facebook and Twitter. Kids do fight with each other sometimes, but it’s considered bullying when it’s repeated behavior that represents … Read More