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3 Ways You Can Refocus to Stay on Track at Work

Tags: mental health, psychology, stress, work, workplace health

The ability to maintain control of attention over time, known as sustained attention, is vital for many tasks performed every day. You can take action when you realize you need to refocus. Here are three expert strategies to staying on task.

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Are You Tweeting Away Your Relationships?

Tags: addiction, psychologist, psychology, social media, Twitter

If you use the microblogging platform Twitter a lot, your real-life connections might be in danger. A new study says that too much tweeting can damage your intimate relationships.


Is LeBron James Making You Anxious?

Tags: anxiety, news, psychology, sports

With NBA star LeBron James’ decision to take his talents to Cleveland, fans may see their emotions running high. These high emotions over James’ decision can be healthy, but they also can cause trouble.


Social Support Helps Heart Patients Heal (Video)

Tags: cleveland clinic, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart health, heart surgery, heart videos, psychology, video

There is strength in numbers. But the “it takes a village” mentality toward beating a medical challenge truly does help patients heal.

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Anxiety and Arrhythmia (Video)

Tags: abnormal heart beat, anxiety, arrhythmia, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart health, heart videos, prevention, psychology, stress, video

Taking care of the head will help the heart. A long-term history of anxiety can precipitate certain cardiac conditions like arrhythmia.

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Mind Over Heart Matters (Video)

Tags: heart, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart health, heart videos, psychology, video

The road to healing is an emotional journey for heart patients, and Cleveland Clinic doctors want to know how patients are feeling—body, mind and spirit.

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How to Talk to Kids About Tragedy

Tags: children, emergency, growing pains of parenting, mental health, psychology, stress, talking, tragedy

Sometimes images and information about tragedies can overwhelm children. Here are 9 tips to helping parents talk to kids about traumatic and tragic events.

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Believers in ‘Lady Luck’ Unhealthier

Tags: luck, psychologist, psychology, smoking, stress

Leaving things to fate may hurt your health. A clinical psychologist finds interesting links between unhealthy behaviors -- such as smoking and overeating -- and belief in luck.

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Fearing Friday the 13th

Tags: anxiety, psychology

Do you dread Friday the 13th? Experts say more than 20 million people are afraid of this so-called unlucky day. Scott Bea, a psychologist at Cleveland Clinic, says people often try avoiding the day altogether.