What to Do When Your Stomach Bug Won’t Go Away

Tags: digestive health, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach flu

If symptoms of a stomach bug or bad bout of food poisoning linger for weeks or even months, you might be suffering from “post-infectious IBS.” Find out what steps to take to recover.


5 Simple Tips to Prevent Norovirus This Winter

Tags: norovirus, stomach flu

It might be known as the “cruise ship” virus, but norovirus can appear anywhere, especially in the winter months when people gather in confined spaces.

Sick Chid Vomiting

Do You Know When to Visit the ER for Vomiting?

Tags: crohn's, Crohn's disease, food poisoning, stomach ache, stomach flu

Vomiting can be tied to different conditions that may pass on their own. In other cases, you may need a trip to the emergency room for intravenous fluids. Know when to treat the issue at home and when to see a doctor.

Sick child

Stomach Aches: 5 Things Parents Should Know

Tags: celiac disease, constipation, gastroenteritis, GERD, IBD, pain awareness month, stomach flu

How can you tell the difference between a regular tummy ache and something more serious? Get tips from a pediatric expert.

elderly woman being assisted by nurse

Stomach Flu Outbreaks in Nursing Homes

Tags: elderly, elderly patients, flu season, geriatric health, senior care, stomach flu

In nursing homes, an outbreak of norovirus, or more commonly, stomach flu, can be particularly devastating. A new study looks at where the causes may lie, especially staff. Also, find out how to assess risks of particular facilities.