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What to Do When Your Stomach Bug Won’t Go Away

If you’ve battled a gastrointestinal (GI) infection before, you know it’s not pleasant. But typically symptoms don’t last longer than a few days. However, in some cases, the effects linger for weeks or months — even after a person is no longer vomiting or having severe symptoms after a bad bout with a virus or … Read More

5 Simple Tips to Prevent Norovirus This Winter

It’s not just on cruise ships. Norovirus — the most common cause of gastroenteritis, commonly mislabeled as “stomach flu” — is everywhere. And it’s often difficult to prevent. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that one in 15 U.S. residents gets sick with norovirus every year, causing up to 71,000 hospitalizations and 800 … Read More

Do You Know When to Visit the ER for Vomiting?

If you call your doctor because of vomiting issues, there’s no way that he or she can diagnose the problem over the phone. However, your symptoms can suggest possible remedies, including whether you need to take a trip to the emergency room, says gastroenterologist Brian Kirsh, MD. “There’s no way to determine the diagnosis,” he … Read More

Stomach Aches: 5 Things Parents Should Know

At some point, every parent hears these three words: “My stomach hurts.” Most of the time, kids’ stomach pain goes away on its own with home remedies such as ginger ale and TLC. But sometimes stomach aches signal something more serious. How can you tell the difference? Lori Mahajan, MD, a pediatric gastroenterologist in Cleveland Clinic … Read More

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Stomach Flu Outbreaks in Nursing Homes

The norovirus, commonly called the stomach flu, is no fun for anyone, with symptoms including nausea, vomiting, and cramps. But it’s of special concern to people in nursing homes, who tend to have more severe symptoms that hang on longer. A new study finds that stomach flu outbreaks may cause an increased risk of hospitalization … Read More