Measles: Not Just a Childhood Problem

Measles: Not Just a Childhood Problem

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Measles is not just a kid’s disease. The multi-state measles outbreak that started in California in December has infected patients of all ages – from babies younger than a year to adults well into their 50s.

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5 Top Flu Vaccine Myths

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Some people won’t get flu vaccinations because of misconceptions about the vaccine or how it works. Here are five common myths about flu shots — debunked.

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Why You Need a Flu Shot (Video)

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Don’t let the flu wipe you out this year. Getting vaccinated is your best defense. The shot needs a couple weeks to do its job, but then you’re protected.

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4 Vaccine Myths Busted by Science

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You don't have to look far to find vaccine myths and misconceptions. But forget what you've heard — for the sake of your health and the health of those around you.

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Vaccine Prevents Human Papilloma Virus (Video)

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HPV is the most commonly contracted sexually transmitted disease worldwide. Habibeth Gitiforooz, MD, OB/GYN at Cleveland Clinic, explains why the HPV vaccination is recommended to prevent HPV infection.

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HPV Vaccines: Safe, Protective for Kids

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If you are a parent who is confused by all the controversy surrounding vaccine safety, read on, Today's health number, 46 million, reveals reassuring data about the HPV vaccines specifically -- not only about safety but also about their importance in protecting kids from cancers and deadly diseases.

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AAP Says Pregnant Women Need Whooping Cough Vaccine

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The American Academy of Pediatrics releases a new immunization schedule, including a new approach for pertussis, more commonly known as whooping cough, by vaccinating pregnant women.

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Kids and a Painless Flu Vaccine (Video)

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Is your kid terrified of flu shots? Nasal mist may be an option.

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Flu Vaccine Recommendations for Kids

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If you’re pregnant, or have young children, or are at risk for chronic illness, now is the time for a flu shot.

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Vaccines for Your Child: Now or Later?

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A study finds some parents delaying or spacing shots apart, but an expert cautions about the risks. An expert discusses the possible risks to children when delaying or spacing shots apart.