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Fish Oil Supplements, Vitamins Won’t Lower Your Cholesterol

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If you’re taking supplements like fish oil or a multi-vitamin in the hopes of improving your cholesterol counts, save your money. There are better, more effective strategies.

Vitamin K should be 120 mcg for a man and 90 mcg for a woman - from HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

Vitamin K Know-How (Infographic)

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Even though it's good for you, too much Vitamin K should be avoided, experts say. Your intake of Vitamin K should not exceed 120 mcg if you are a man and 90 mcg if you are a woman. Learn about why you should avoid too much.

vitamins you may be overdoing

5 Vitamins You Might Be Overdoing

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Getting nutrients in a supplement rather than food is not always the best way to improve your health. Here are five vitamins and minerals you may be overdoing if you pop them as pills.

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5 Vitamins You Might Be Missing

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Vitamin deficiencies are less of a concern today, but insufficiency can still put you at risk. If you’re missing the following five vitamins, learn how to add them to your diet.


Multivitamins: Are They Worth It?

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About 40 percent of Americans take daily vitamins, but do they help prevent illness? One expert says that studies show that multivitamins won’t protect most people against common diseases.


8 Foods for Head-to-Toe Beauty (Slideshow)

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Beauty is more than skin-deep. In fact, sometimes it goes as deep as your digestive system — and the foods you eat.

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A Warning About Omega-3 Supplements (Video)

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Taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements is good for your heart, but might be more useful as a preventive measure. If you already have cardiovascular risk, omega-3 supplements may have no benefit.

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Vitamin D: Good for Bones and More

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Vitamin D is good for your bones. Studies show high vitamin D levels may help lower the incidence of Alzheimer’s, stroke and certain cancers and may be beneficial for asthma and depression.

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The Top 5 Beating Edge Stories of 2012

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The Beating Edge covered hundreds of stories in 2012 from patient stories to new advances in treatments. Find out which stories were the most popular in 2012.

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7 Myths About Medication — and the Facts Behind Them

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Misconceptions about medicine are as common as pills on a pharmacy shelf. Our pharmacist explains why water is best for swallowing pills, why the bathroom sink is the worst place to keep medicine, and more.