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Man and woman embracing
September 1, 2023/Men's Health

16 Common Questions About Erectile Dysfunction Answered

If you’re having trouble getting or maintaining an erection, you’re not alone — and there’s help 

Man looking at smartphone while sitting on bed scheduling an appointment online.
August 28, 2023/Men's Health

When (and Why) You Should Start Seeing a Urologist

Manage your sexual health and urinary function with annual appointments starting at age 40

man standing up straight in room
May 31, 2023/Men's Health

How Kegels Can Help After Prostate Surgery

Working your pelvic floor muscles can help you prevent and recover from urinary incontinence

Neon sign in red that reads tattoo piercing.
May 8, 2023/Men's Health

How To Take Care of a Penis Piercing

Understand the risks and take precautions against infection


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Middle-aged man looking out window.
December 22, 2022/Men's Health

What Is a Prostate Massage and Are There Benefits?

A prostate massage is used most often for sexual stimulation

Man in a doctor's office.
December 20, 2022/Men's Health

Men Ask: “Why Am I Peeing So Much?”

An enlarged prostate, diuretics and bladder irritants can all contribute

Male taking medication with water.
November 10, 2022/Men's Health

Can Drugs Lower Your Sperm Count?

Various prescription medications and recreational drugs can have an impact

Man pouring wine.
October 19, 2022/Men's Health

What Can (and Can’t) Cause Low Testosterone

Vasectomies and masturbation don't lower your testosterone levels

Man holding head looking worried or depressed.
October 6, 2022/Men's Health

Can Low Testosterone Cause Anxiety and Depression?

Low testosterone levels can mimic symptoms of depression and cause anxiety over time

A drawing of a drop of red liquid coming out of a vial
September 30, 2022/Men's Health

Does Low Testosterone Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Despite assumptions, there really isn’t a one-to-one connection between the conditions

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