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Navigating Menopause: Honest Answers to All Your Questions

Menopause Stages

Female awake in bed at night
What To Expect in Each Stage of Menopause

It’s a natural part of aging, starting with perimenopause and eventually leading into postmenopause

Woman sitting on porch and contemplating onset of early menopause
What to Do When Menopause Comes Early

The who, what and why of primary ovarian insufficiency

An illustration of a person holding an hourglass, with the top half almost empty.
How To Tell You’re Near the End of Perimenopause

The main sign that your hormones are in flux is changes in your menstrual cycles

doctor speaking with middle-age woman
Does Your Health Determine Menopause Age?

Reaching menopause very early raises your risk of certain health conditions

Hot Flashes

Female sitting on couch at home fanning their face from hot flash
Does Having Hot Flashes Mean I’ve Started Menopause?

These heat waves can actually start in perimenopause, which can begin up to a decade earlier

Female sitting in chair with hot waves coming off their head
8 Myths and Truths About Menopausal Hot Flashes

While they may not burn calories or cause fevers, these heat waves can make you miserable — but you don’t have to just grin and bear it!

Healthcare provider holding prescription bottle talking with older female
What Does a Hot Flash Feel Like?

Heat starts in your chest and moves up to your neck and face … and then, the sweating begins

Woman drinking coffee which is a know trigger for hot flashes.
How Long Will I Have Hot Flashes and What Causes Them?

Learn what may trigger the sudden onset of heat and sweat

Difficulty Sleeping

Three different women in sleeping positions sweating
How To Find Relief for Hot Flashes at Night

Hormone therapy, medication and lifestyle changes and can help you get the restful ZZZs you need

Older woman awake in bed in the middle of the night looking a smartphone
Does Menopause Cause Insomnia and Sleeplessness?

Hormone changes can definitely leave you tossing and turning at night, but help is available

Managing Your Weight

Mental Health

Female holding hair up at neck, eyes closed, fanning herself with piece of paper
Hot Flashes, Anxiety and Menopause: What’s the Connection?

You may be more prone to hot flashes if you have anxiety, but hot flashes can also rev up anxiety

Sexual Health

A person sits at the doctor's office while a healthcare provider writes on a clipboard
How Sex Changes After Menopause

A decline in estrogen can cause intercourse issues, but treatments can help

Doctor and patient discuss birth control options that are displayed behind in background.
A Guide to Birth Control in Your 40s and 50s

Some birth control can hide perimenopausal symptoms

More Symptoms

person looking in the mirror while touching their face
Here’s How Menopause Affects Your Skin and Hair

Tips on how to cope with dry skin and hair

menopausal woman eating breakfast in kitchen
What Will Help You With Constipation After Menopause?

The Short Answer from a gastroenterologist

older female showing doctor where breast tenderness is
Does Menopause Cause Breast Pain?

Hormone changes may lead to sore breasts, but lifestyle changes can help

A woman standing eating a tofu salad with soy milk on the counter
6 Ways To Find Relief From Your Menopause Symptoms

Lifestyle changes like diet modification and stress management can go a long way

Disease Prevention

healthcare provider speaking with older female in office
How Estrogen Supports Heart Health

Your natural estrogen levels support a healthy heart by improving your cholesterol, increasing blood flow and reducing free radicals

An older person is waving while standing in front of a calendar, clock and hourglass.
How To Prevent Osteoporosis After Menopause

Protecting your bones is one of the keys to healthy aging

older woman doing research on mobile tablet
Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Cause Cancer?

If menopause symptoms disrupt your life, HRT can help, with minimal cancer risk

Want an Even Deeper Dive Into Menopause?

Visit our Health Library to explore more content about early menopause, perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause.

Diet, Nutrition and Supplements

A glass of milk next to a wooden spoon of uncooked beans.
Menopause Diet: What To Eat To Help Manage Symptoms

A balanced diet of veggies, calcium and soy may help

Woman taking calcium supplements.
Supplements for Menopause Symptoms: Are They Safe?

Stay away from over-the-counter aids unless your doctor specifically recommends them

A chaste tree.
What Is Chasteberry, and What Can It Do?

It may help with hormonal issues, like PMS, irregular periods and breast pain