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Tag: ankle pain

Calf raises on tip toe.
December 21, 2022/Orthopaedics

How To Strengthen Your Ankles

You can improve strength and stability with these eight easy exercises

man exercise ankle pain
May 24, 2021/Exercise & Fitness

What’s the Best Way to Support Your Ankles During Exercise?

An expert discusses shoes, braces and other ways to support your ankles

woman with arthritic ankle
February 3, 2021/Orthopaedics

Diagnosed With Arthritic Ankles? What You Can Expect From Treatment

Remember to start slow and if things don't improve, ask your doctor about more advanced solutions

Foot and ankle pain
April 28, 2019/Orthopaedics

“My Feet Are Killing Me!”: New Options for Foot and Ankle Pain Relief

Are the new solutions for cartilage damage right for you?


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