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One hand squirting lotion from a tube into other hand
April 13, 2024/Skin Care & Beauty

Why Does Psoriasis Itch and How To Stop It

Caused by inflammation, psoriasis itch can be managed with a variety of treatments, like moisturizing and taking cooler and shorter showers

person holding sore throat with allergens in air
May 14, 2023/Allergies

Relief When Allergies Give You a Sore Throat

Avoid allergens when you can, and clear up phlegm with home remedies and medications

Graphic of a woman blowing her nose.
March 13, 2023/Allergies

Allergy Season Is Here To Stay

Every season comes with its own set of allergens

Two runners outside.
November 25, 2022/Exercise & Fitness

Runner’s Itch: Why You Might Itch When You Run

Your body’s natural response to starting workouts may include an urge to scratch


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woman considering allergy medications
June 13, 2022/Allergies

Which Allergy Medicine Works Best?

An allergist explains your over-the-counter options and combos

ragweed allergies woman sneezing
August 18, 2020/Allergies

Allergies Got You Fuzzy-Headed? Here’s Why + How to Cope

Brain fog: A cycle of inflammation and fatigue

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