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Happy child sitting on stool in healthcare office, with toys around

How Common Is Autism?

Current research suggests 1 out of every 36 children in the U.S. has ASD — and that’s probably an undercount

Person surrounded by thought bubbles with puzzle pieces in them
May 29, 2024/Children's Health

Debunking 8 Autism Myths and Misconceptions

For starters, autism spectrum disorder isn’t a disease

Mother, father and child meeting with doctor in medical office
May 24, 2024/Children's Health

Asperger’s vs. Autism: What’s the Difference?

Both terms have been replaced by autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Adolescent girl disaffected holding book in class
July 10, 2023/Children's Health

Signs of Autism in Girls and Women Can Be Easier To Miss

Gender norms may lead to women and people assigned female at birth being misdiagnosed


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Worried person twists ends of hair while in school library.
May 24, 2023/Children's Health

What Is Stimming?

Self-stimulating behaviors are often ways of self-regulating or coping with intense emotions

two people drinking coffee at a bakery table

What Is Time Blindness? And Why Does It Happen?

This is why time flies when you’re having fun

Pregnant mom and toddler in loving embrace.
April 27, 2023/Children's Health

Does Autism Run in Families?

The simple answer is ‘yes’ — but the ‘why’ is much more complex

two adults and a child posing and smiling in a corn field

What Are Early Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Here’s what parents should look out for in their kids

A child and parent smiling at each other
April 13, 2022/Brain & Nervous System

How To Pursue an Autism Diagnosis as an Adult

It could help you feel more empowered and prepared

Pregnant woman holding a glass of water in one hand and a pill in the other.
February 16, 2022/Pregnancy & Childbirth

Pregnancy: Does Too Much Acetaminophen Heighten Risk for Autism or ADHD?

Limit how often you take the pain reliever during your pregnancy

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