13 Reasons Why People Overeat

We all overeat sometimes. But when it happens more often than you might like, it can lead to unhealthy outcomes. Here are common reasons why we overeat, and ways to combat the habit.

person with burgers and fries on plates over their lap

Tips to Reset After a Food Binge

A food binge can leave you feeling terrible — and not just because of a belly ache. Overindulging can bring out emotions such as guilt, regret and worry. Learn how to reset yourself physically and mentally.

Person taking break on exercise bike to drink water, while at the gym.

Why Are Certain Foods so Addictive?

Ever feel like you can’t eat just one (or one bite of) certain processed junk foods? Learn how these foods can hijack your brain chemistry and leave you wanting more, and how to break the cycle of overeating them.

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