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Tag: bleeding

patient lying on imaging table about to enter machine
December 14, 2023/Primary Care

CT Scan vs. MRI: How They Work and What They Show

CTs and MRIs use different technologies to show different things — neither is necessarily ’better’ than the other

person with nosebleed
November 12, 2023/Ear, Nose & Throat

When To Worry About a Nosebleed

Seek help if bleeding doesn’t stop or they’re interfering with your life

Visual graphic of a clock, water glass and Aspirin tablets.
November 15, 2021/Heart Health

Should You Take Daily Aspirin?

Here's the latest guidance on who should (and shouldn't) do this for heart health

falther putting bandaid on child's cut
October 26, 2021/Health Conditions

How to Stop Bleeding in Small and Deep Cuts

Quick action and proper care can make a big difference


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weighing self on scale
January 6, 2021/Cancer Care & Prevention

5 Vague Cancer Signs You Should Never Ignore

Ovarian and cervical cancer can mimic other conditions

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