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Person with chronic migrain holding head while sitting on couch.
August 30, 2023/Brain & Nervous System

When Nothing Helps Your Chronic Migraines

Start by reevaluating your triggers and lifestyle factors, but also consider trying new medication

Top view of a person holding acoffee cup over a table at breakfast.

Does Caffeine Help Migraines?

A little can help, too much can hurt

Person with migraine headache sleeping under blanket.

11 Migraine Remedies To Help Tackle Symptoms

Getting enough sleep, avoiding dietary triggers and reducing stress can provide relief

Person lying on couch holding head in darkened room.

Are Migraines Hereditary?

Your genes may offer some insight when learning about your migraine symptoms


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person sitting with migraine pains and visible aura

How Long Do Migraines Last?

Migraine length depends on your triggers, health history and whether they are chronic

person in bed holding head with migraine

Why Am I Waking Up With a Migraine?

Dehydration, sleep issues and certain foods can lead to an early morning headache

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