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Tag: cinnamon

cranberry sauce with pecans on top
November 14, 2023/Recipes

Recipe: Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce

Impress your Thanksgiving guests with this homemade treat!

Pumpkin-spices in foreground with pumpkins and latte in background.
October 23, 2023/Nutrition

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Spice

It’s the flavor of fall, but it’s good to be wise about how you consume it

Person stress eating potato chips while working on computer.
January 26, 2023/Nutrition

Why You Stress Eat and How To Stop

You can learn other ways to soothe yourself, including distraction and mindfulness

black bean burger and salsa
January 13, 2023/Recipes

Recipe Adventure: 8 Fiery Foods To Spice Up Your Life

Try these easy-to-prepare dishes to make your forehead sweat and your tongue tingle


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Almond Golden Milk with apricots and cinnamon surrounded by spice ingredients on a dark background.
December 27, 2022/Nutrition

Recipe: Almond Gold Milk With Apricots and Cinnamon

You’ll enjoy this delicious blend of unexpected flavors

A bowl of cinnamon powder topped with a collection of cinnamon sticks
October 21, 2021/Diet, Food & Fitness

The Benefits of Cinnamon

This common kitchen spice may pack a surprising health punch

A small wooden spoon brimming with cinnamon alongside a pile of cinnamon sticks
December 23, 2020/Diabetes & Endocrinology

Can Taking Cinnamon Supplements Lower Your Blood Sugar?

Some studies find benefits for people with diabetes

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