Doctors Combine 2 Heart Procedures for Positive Results

The mitral valve in your heart helps to keep your blood moving in the right direction. In some cases, the mitral valve becomes leaky or narrowed and surgery is necessary. Many people in need of mitral valve surgery also have an irregular heartbeat, and a procedure called ablation is often used to correct it. Atrial … Read More

Why Black Licorice Can Make Your Heart Jump

If your heart skips a beat every time you treat yourself to black licorice — it may know something you don’t. In rare cases, black licorice can cause an irregular heartbeat. Find out how much is too much.

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Dealing With Heart Damage from Cancer Treatment

Despite the precautions that cardio-oncologists and other specialists take to monitor and protect patients’ heart health during chemotherapy treatments to combat cancer, sometimes heart damage can occur. One of the most common conditions that sometimes arises is congestive heart failure, which is characterized by shortness of breath and swelling. Cleveland Clinic Heart & Vascular Institute … Read More