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hand holding a heart next to a hand holding a brain
December 20, 2023/Mental Health

What It Means To Have Emotional Intelligence

The higher your EQ, the more in touch you are with your feelings, as well as other people’s

female wearing super hero cape standing in front a crowd of people
December 14, 2023/Mental Health

You’re the Star of the Show With Main Character Syndrome

Being the center of attention doesn’t mean you have to exile your guest stars

Group of mixed individuals bullies another who is cringing on the ground.
August 13, 2023/Mental Health

How Not To Raise a Bully

It starts with teaching your child how to use emotional language and to respect others

Sports Fans in back of pickup dressed up in costumes on game day drinking alchohol.
January 24, 2023/Mental Health

Peter Pan Syndrome May Have You Saying, ‘I Don’t Want To Grow Up’

People with this syndrome exhibit social behaviors and traits considered immature


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The moon.
October 23, 2022/Mental Health

Does the Moon Affect Humans?

Yes, the moon and its lunar cycles can impact you — but for other reasons than you may think

stressed man eating fried chicken
June 30, 2020/Nutrition

How Stress Can Make You Eat More — Or Not At All

Major anxiety can have a major effect on your food consumption

sad and depressed woman sitting on bed
April 6, 2020/Mental Health

It’s OK to Feel Grief – and Whatever Else You’re Feeling Right Now

Tips for navigating the emotions of a public health crisis

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